Tiled floor at No Name (432 Fairfax)

Tiled floor at No Name (432 Fairfax)

We create experiences that are an expression of our own lives and corresponding value systems.

MUSIC + PURPOSE SPARKS CHANGE.  We believe that music is a powerful form of expression with an energetic charge capable of shaping all-time moments in people’s lives. The synergy of music and cause- based experiences and organizations has been a constant throughout our careers. It’s something we try to instill in every project we’re a part of.

OUR MISSION: Aligning our collective experiences—relating to entertainment, hospitality and an overall “do- goodism” philosophy of life—to reimagine and develop spaces, consciously. 

OUR CORE VALUE: AUTHENTICITY: Everything we do evolves from a belief in what’s true and what’s right for the local community. Authenticity never goes out of style.

WHO WE ARE: Alu Collective is a Los Angeles-based hospitality company with a conscience. We are a unique collective of creators, leaders and innovators that let ideas lead and challenge conventions to affect positive change. Our experience in entertainment, nightlife and cause-based experiences positions us in a unique role within the zeitgeist of drawing people into culturally important activation`s in America and around the globe. A few years ago, we realized that a shared love of music has the power to bring people and community together in profound ways—crossing all generations and nationalities. So we set out to establish a business that revolves around music as the conduit for sparking creativity and connectivity, addressing the acoustics of the space as a vital element of design.