Alu Collective is a Los Angeles based hospitality company that conceptualizes, designs, builds and operates environments and experiences.  

We are a team of highly skilled operators formed to focus a vision inspired by real life experiential collaborations with creatives who shape culture in this Country, and around the globe.



Founders Bryan Ling and Ryan Gall have been creating unique experiences that build community through music for over a decade.

Bryan started New Community Management; an artist management company which he now operates in partnership with hip-hop titan Roc Nation. Billboard’s description of that partnership gives some insight into the kind of connector Bryan is: “ It would be hard to find two management companies more on opposite ends of the sphere than heavyweight hip-hop titan Roc Nation and indie kid New Community, but the two have just joined forces in a partnership deal.” Ling also conceptualized, built, and curated “No Name” with investor Sean Parker as a local Hollywood spot to serve as a communal watering hole and musical playground for his ever growing community of artists. Since opening, the place without a name has had some of the most classic, most respected, and most up and coming artists on the planet perform within its walls. No name has also hosted a multitude of “special occasions” and events that we are not allowed to talk about =).

Ryan Gall is a creative director and producer specializing in media strategy, events and initiatives that integrate pop culture and social activism. He co-founded the Global Citizen Festival and movement platform where users take action on social causes in exchange for concert tickets and other rewards.  Since 2012 the platform has seen 22.3 Million actions taken, resulting in $37.9 Billion dollars in poverty fighting funds announced on stage. Gall executive produces the annual festival in New York’s Central Park and it’s international festivals in India, Germany, Canada, and South Africa which have featured: Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay Z, Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Hugh Jackman, Bono, Chelsea Handler, Stephen Colbert, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Secretary-General of the UN, Prime Minister of India, and others.





1460 N Sweetzer Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069